What We Do Program Management

Although we are not a one-size-fits-all logistics company, we do approach every project the same way. Our initial conversation with you is one of discovery. Beyond gaining an understanding of your current process, we also take the time to learn about your culture and values to determine how our team can best integrate with yours.

We want you to understand why we do what we do every day as well - what we think about us as we walk into the office each morning - so we will tell you the story of TEAM: Planes' core principles. You will quickly see that TEAM is more than just an acronym to us; it is the spirit, energy, and attitude that pushes us to find new and better ways to do our jobs. This conversation of discovery is important, as it forms the foundation of our relationship moving forward, and helps us create a custom supply chain solution that makes sense for your organization.

Once we develop a logistics program, we work with you to select the services you require. We know that business needs change, so we can easily adapt your program over time - in terms of volume, services included, or both. Regardless of the services rendered, we constantly monitor the health of your program with decision support tools that provide visibility and control for orders, transportation, warehousing, and inventory management. We also give you supply chain analytics, dashboards, cost-reduction initiative tracking, and data visualization – everything you need to feel confident that your program is in good hands.

Our commitment to managing your logistics program is best shown through our dedicated team of project coordinators. Responsive, nimble, and creative in their approach to problem-solving, our team is personally invested in integrating with our customers to know their products and processes in great detail. As a result, our team's collective expertise in network analysis and design, supply chain optimization, carrier assessment and performance improvement, private fleet management, RFP/RFI management, project management, cost reduction, risk analysis, and business strategy is unparalleled. Our commitment to solving your logistics challenges motivates us to look for new ways to improve and streamline your process; we take great pride in doing what many would call the impossible.

We are more than just an outsourced partner; our core values drive us to become an extension of your team. Learn more about our project coordinators' commitment to their customers.