What We Do Global Trade & Compliance

Should your business take you overseas, we have the capacity to go where you grow. With partners around the world capable of providing customs brokerage services, tax and duty payment, and transaction facilitation on behalf of the importer, our team of logistics experts can help with the most aggressive brand expansion schedules. While product classification is ultimately the responsibility of the owner of the goods, Planes' experience in expanding customer footprints into new markets - including Canada, Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East, and Asia – uniquely positions us in our ability to serve you both domestically and internationally.

Our global trade and compliance services equip you with:
  • Consultative assistance in planning and creating international shipping milestones
  • Creation of customs bond for import/export activities
  • Import/export customs clearance, with compliance reviews prior to shipment
  • Ability to serve as importer of record
  • Estimation of destination country duties and taxes
  • Consistent service experience, regardless of where your business takes you
  • Commercial invoice generation
  • Tracking capabilities
  • Facilitation of duty drawback