Expanding Beyond the Catalog


Over the last decade, a major multi-channel retailer of women's, men's and children's apparel, has been focused on nurturing their brand and elevating their product with new designs and a refreshed business direction. After growing into a billion dollar business revered by the global fashion industry, a catalog-only retailer expanded its brand experience to include brick and mortar retail stores with artistic installations and high-end shelving and tables.

The company offers an assortment of women’s, men’s and children’s apparel and accessories, in­cluding swimwear, outerwear, loungewear, wedding attire, bags, hair accessories, belts, jewelry, and shoes. As of November 2013, the retailer operates more than 450 retail stores throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, conducting its business through four different brands.


With extensive store location growth, the retailer sought a logistics partner to assist with store transfers and rollouts. The company had struggled with the lack of communication from their pre­vious transportation carriers. Store locations and the corporate office were left in the dark regarding carrier schedules, loading or delivery day expectations, and follow-up communications. 

In addition, the retailer required enhanced services from a transportation carrier, including store pickups and deliveries managed by a professional on-site staff, meeting specific times and dates, removing debris, and having the proper equipment to ensure that the store operations were as minimally interrupted as possible by the store transfer or rollout activities.


For the past four years, Planes Specialized Logistics has solved the communication and white glove challenges for the retailer, demonstrating to the company that Planes is a high quality logistics partner focused on an efficient and customer service-oriented experience for this client and their store locations. The logistics team at Planes has been able to handle any special requests from the retailer, whether it was for a last minute store-to-store transfer or a complete store rollout project.

The logistics consultants at Planes created a customized workflow for this customer that can be easily ad­justed based on the project requirements and scope. Planes Specialized Logistics provided the retailer with a new and innovative logistics partnership, delivering not just a carrier service, but an all-en­compassing white glove service, with every detail being handled as a top priority. The customer sought a true collaborator in their store logistics and expansion needs, and Planes was able to fill this role, building improved logistics processes for all aspects of the company.


“We were very pleased with how this all turned out! I can’t thank you enough for making it happen as smoothly as it did! I am sure we will be reaching out to you in the future with any roll outs like this one.”

Adrienne M., Corporate


“Our company has used Planes for project small and larger. From transferring fixtures to stores across the town, to overseeing large, time-sensitive fixture rollouts to stores across the country. Planes has consistently delivered exceptional performance and customer service, above and beyond the industry standard. Even when I have an urgent request, their flexibility and attention to detail lets me know that I don’t have to worry that the job will be done right. I always know I’m in good hands with Planes.”

Phil S., Imports and Transportation