Developing a New Approach to Logistics


Retailers worldwide are increasingly focused on the staging of their stores. While online shopping continues to grow in popularity, brick-and-mortar stores still dominate. For this reason, retailers need for their stores to be fashion and culture destinations – trendy locations where customers have, and expect, consistent consumer experiences from store to store.

For one international retailer and its many brands, this need presents many logistics challenges. How does a large retailer with six brands represented at 4,500+ store locations in seven countries ensure that all of their stores are staged correctly, and have exactly what they need, when they need it for store openings, store refreshes, equipment rollouts, and store transfers? If just one store location is not open or ready on time, money is lost and resources are wasted.


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During the first year of operation, Planes solely provided padded van line carrier services for this retailer. A general contractor unloaded the trucks, stored, assembled and set up store fixtures. As business increased over time, a list of issues started to compound, including:

  • Frequent damage
  • Absence of problem-resolution process
  • Store opening delays
  • Increased expediting costs
  • Lack of clarity for process-improving efforts
  • Poor collaboration


Planes Specialized Logistics developed a new logistics approach to resolve the issues and provide value to the customer. Planes initiated a three-way forum with the retailer and the general contractor community with the sole purpose of addressing these issues. The result was a new business model that leveraged Planes’ position to manage the delivery process from origin pick-up to final placement of fixtures on the sales floor. The benefits were immediate and significant:

  • Improved handling and damage reduction
  • Improved planning to reduce on-site storage risk
  • Reduced expedites and schedule delays
  • On-site quality control checks
  • Fewer hand-offs; clear accountability
  • Cooperative collaboration between customer, general contractors, and Planes

This solution was adopted by the retailer and proved to be the model that would help with the company’s overseas expansion efforts into the UK, China and France.


“Thank you so much for your support over the weekend. I know how much work and creativity it took to get us what we needed at 1701 to open today. It is not easy to give up your weekend to fix what you did not break, but it is something that I can count on you to do every time.

You are always available to go above and beyond and I can’t tell you how much that means to us all. You are truly one of my most trusted and valued business partners.”

Catherine G., Brand Visual Team


“I know the Planes team placed extra emphasis on this project from start to finish, and I’m thrilled with the results.”

Ashley M., Procurement Transportation, Construction/Fixtures


“Our move went very well. Movers were on time and on target and everything went smooth. I couldn’t say enough about the movers, they were just amazing.”

Tina K., General Manager


“You have been the best to work with. When we have hiccups it all seems to work out for everyone. It’s a sign of great teamwork; that is what we are all about. I really do appreciate all your guidance and support on all our projects.”

Christine A., Site Assistant