A Logistics Program for a Free-Standing Modular Suite Manufacturer

Like many good stories, this one started at an airport

It’s not uncommon to see kiosks of a variety of sorts in a terminal. But free-standing privacy suites dedicated to health and wellness? We had to call this young, growing company to learn more about their processes.


A single point of contact in the company handled 20 to 40 orders per month – but a lack of logistics experience led to procurement challenges and other inefficiencies. The company reached out to a large logistics provider for help. This provider promised an online portal that would solve all of their challenges. The result:

  • The company faced the same logistical challenges, but with more layers of communication
  • Pricing was unpredictable: quotes and invoices did not match


We developed and managed a program to create a custom supply chain.

Process Results

From the beginning of a project, we handle every step of the process - including any issues that may arise - so that our customers can focus on more strategic business initiatives. With their newly-found time, they have requested additional logistics consulting services from us. We’ve helped them to:

  • Enhance their customer interfaces
  • Evolve customer tools from PDFs to web-base platforms
  • Evaluate their processes to increase speed-to-delivery