A Large Warehouse Move in a Small Timeframe

Project Overview

It’s In 2018, HINO Motors, an industrial parts manufacturer for companies like Toyota, needed to move all ancillary fixtures, storage items, and industrial tools from a 300,000 square foot warehouse in Columbus, OH to a 962,000 square foot warehouse in Mineral Wells, WV. This complex project – which entailed moving large amounts of a diverse product mix – required a local, strategic partner for efficient, safe execution. 


A tight, two-week time project window left no room for delays, as the destination warehouse needed to be operationally ready by a specific day.

  • The company faced the same logistical challenges, but with more layers of communication
  • Pricing was unpredictable: quotes and invoices did not match

What We Moved

Once HINO shipped all inventory to the new space, our team – headed by one dedicated project manager at origin and one at destination – oversaw the logistics of disassembling, moving, and reassembling ancillary fixtures, industrial tools, hundreds of feet of racking, cranes, hoists, dock guards, safety railings, hazmat spraying areas, and more.

The Planes Difference

Due to the specialized nature of some of the items being moved, we turned to our network of preferred
partners, managing them as they handled various parts of the project:

  • Rigging partner: We supervised the disassembly,
    move, and reassembly of cranes and hoists in a
    phased move.
  • Warehouse installation/racking partner: All materials bolted to the floor, including safety railings, were loaded on to skids for Planes to transport.
  • Electricians: At origin, local electricians took down light fixtures, TVs, and digital sign boards, so that the facility would be ready to return to the landlord.
  • Hazardous chemical shipping partner: The components of the urethane spray area – including barrels of urethane and paint thinner – were prepped and shipped safely.

Our Cincinnati location gave us close proximity to both Columbus and Mineral Wells, making it easy for us to secure forklifts, speed packs, trailers, and other equipment necessary for the project.

Project Results

  • Our planning and creative problem-solving enabled us to complete the project five days ahead of schedule, resulting in significant operational savings.
  • The project finished ahead of schedule even though the client originally estimated 78 trailers of material when we moved a total of 85 trailers.
  • The project was completed with no safety incidents. Safety is one of HINO’s core values, and our team took it to heart to work with those values in mind throughout the duration of the project.