About Us

See Our Customized Approach to Logistics.

About Us

At Planes Specialized Logistics, we believe in the power of relationships.  We understand that we do more than manage supply chains: we help companies realize their visions, evolve their identities, and strengthen their brands.  Through the relationships we form, your goals become our goals - because we are on this journey together.

We keep relationships at the forefront by having meaningful conversations to discover your purpose – because for us, your business is personal.  This is why we customize every product and solution we build, and enlist a team of talented, motivated people to manage and monitor every step of the way. We think of ourselves as an extension of your team, which means that we adapt your logistics program according to your business needs.  And we continue to develop new products that keep you in the know and in control. No matter where your business takes you, we are committed to helping you get there. 

Because we believe that any effective logistics solution must include an authentic relationship with your people, our custom supply chain programs reflect a commitment to our TEAM culture.  Our shared values shape our approach to helping companies - of all sizes, in a variety of industries, around the world – meet their goals and delight their customers.

Our Team is Your Team

The idea of team is important to us – so important, in fact, that we’ve made it the foundation of our work culture.  Our core principles shape every relationship we build, which means that when we work with you, we will:

Build your TRUST: As you work with us, you will see that we have your best interests in mind.  Whether it’s selecting the right service provider from our network of preferred partners or making a recommendation for process improvement, you will feel confident in our program management approach.

Act with EMPOWERMENT: Because we consider ourselves an extension of your brand, we make careful, informed decisions. And because we’ve invested time and energy in developing a thorough understanding of your business objectives, we are nimble and responsive.

Hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE:  We are so confident in the strength of our relationship with our customers that our response to challenges is proactive, transparent, and solutions-oriented. Our commitment to blameless problem-solving means that we take full responsibility when things go wrong, and move quickly to make them right.

Look for ways to MESH:  When our team blends with yours, the combined strength of our experience, knowledge, and expertise leads to significant results.  Our customers say it best:

“I’ve never met a more professional yet enjoyable team! You all are easy to talk to you and are quite humble. Rare quality you find in the workplace nowadays.  I honestly appreciate everything you all do. I can’t imagine being in this crazy world without your team.”